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Backyard fun | Maria Offin Kingston Family Photographer

The kind of fun you could have in your own backyard cannot compare to any other location.  It just is fun-er when you are a king of your castle and able to roam care free and play as you please! I got a proof of that once again last Wednesday meeting this beautiful family to do their family pictures for the second time. Thank you for trusting me with your memories!


Baby Dachshund | Maria Offin Kingston Photographer

In May I went to visit my family in St. Petersburg Russia and brought back a baby dog. Yes on my lap. yes 3 hour flight to Europe, 5 hour layover and 8 hour flight to Toronto. With a 2 months old baby dog who needed to chew everything that came in view every second of her waking time. Not complaining, but given the choice I will think twice before i would attempt a trip like that again)

And since I kind of fell out of life I might as well post a few pictures of my baby dachshund, Puffin. She was two months on these photos.

Let me know if you wish to see her grow..)


We meet again | Maria Offin Kingston Family Photography

I always feel honoured when families choose me to take pictures of their little ones. I feel beyond happy when they call me up again as the little ones grow up a bit. I just cant’t express what I feel when I get to meet them again when their newest and most littlest ones come along!

below is one of  these stories. enjoy!